Best basketball Shoes Under $100


Basketball shoes make it comfortable for the players to run on the hard ground and produce the best performance, whether playing as a career or just for fun. Since basketball as a sport is all about intense movements, such as shooting, jumping, dribbling and running, the shoes need to withstand all these actions. The shoes also serve as protection for the players from any injury. The most common injury for these players is ankle injuries. Players can easily twist their ankles accidentally if the shoe doesn’t provide the right protection. We have so many basketball shoes on the market, ranging …

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Top 3 Swimming Pool Basketball Hoops


Swimming in the pool is one of the best ways to spend a summer afternoon, but if you want to do more than just splashing around, or if you are the competitive type, then you might want to go for a basketball hoop for the swimming pool. If the swimming pool is the thing that the pool is missing, you need to choose the right one. The hoop helps you shoot baskets and become as competitive as you can. It allows you to have teams just the way you do in a real basketball league, and this turns a boring swimming …

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Best Portable Basketball Hoops for [2019 / 2020]: Reviews, Ratings & Buying Guide


There are times when you just want to play some basketball out in the wild, and while you have the basketball with you and the energy to play the game, you don’t have the hoops. This is where the portable basketball hoops come in. These hoops are portable, and you can set them anywhere, and it also takes little storage. So, gone are the days when you had to search for a hoop in the neighborhood, all you need is this portable hoop, and you can have a game of basketball while out camping! With hundreds of hoops on the …

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Comprehensive Review of Best Basketball Hoops for Kids and Toddlers

kids playing basketball

Let us face it – kids and toddlers love playing basketball. You will find them throwing stuff through anything that resembles a ring or hoop. It might be something as simple as throwing candy inside a cup or tossing a tennis ball through a small opening. When you take them to the kid’s basketball court the first time, they will want to go there each day. As a good parent, you need to help them enjoy this game much better so that they can also improve their skills and possibly gain more interest in the game. All you need is …

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Is it Dangerous to Play Basketball? – Game Safety

Man holding basketball

Do you have any favorite sports? How about a favorite player? Did you experience playing it? How was it? Do you find it amazing? Well, each of us has a different set of favorite games and sports. Well. Everyone differs in sports activities, others like playing ball and other games like board games. In every game you venture, you really need motivation in achieving it. It’s kind of important too that you know some tips on how to play those games so that you will win. Every game or sports have its scoring and playing rules. And now, I bet …

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Basketball Basics: Rules, Terms, and Tips for Beginners

Basketball player

Do you need to brush up on your basketball basics? If you’re just getting started in organized basketball, it’s a good idea to brush up on the basics. Even if you’ve played the game for a while, there still might be some things you need a refresher on. I know that I played for a couple years without having any idea what was meant by some of the terms people threw around like “short corner” or “elbow.” Sure I’ve got two elbows and I know I’m not supposed to let the ref see me hit people with them, but what …

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How To Dribble A Basketball: Basketball Dribbling Drills

Work on your dribbling skills every day to get great handles.

If you are looking to improve your dribbling skills, the best thing to do is learn a few basketball dribbling drills and work on them every day. When I was first playing basketball, I was the guy who hardly ever dribbled. Unless I had a clear path to the hoop for a layup, I either took a shot or, more likely, passed the ball. Why? Well, my dribbling skills were pretty much non-existent. Finally, I learned just a handful of dribbling drills for basketball, and I worked on them whenever I got the chance. Now, I won’t say I developed …

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How to Improve Ball Handling: The Best Ball Handling Drills

Use your ball handling skills to create scoring opportunities.

If you are wondering what the difference between basketball ball handling drills and dribbling drills is, you are not alone. Many players and even coaches use ball handling and dribbling interchangeably, but they are not the same. Dribbling is a component of ball handling but there is so much more to it. Dribbling, like passing, is a way to move the ball around, but ball handling is how you move with the ball in order to create scoring opportunities. Whether that means getting a defender out of position so that you can make a pass, or creating separation so that …

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How to Shoot a Basketball Properly

Derrick Rose (left) and Keith Bogans work on their shots.

I’m sure you know how to shoot a basketball, but do you know how to shoot correctly? Here are some basic tips to make sure you are doing it correctly. Stance – A correct stance is very important to having a good shot, and different stances work better for different shooters. There are basically two types of shooting stances: closed (with your shoulders squared to the hoop and your feet pointing directly towards the hoop) and open (with your shooting shoulder turned slightly closer to the hoop and your feet pointing slightly to your off-hand’s side of the hoop). Many coaches …

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