Best Portable Basketball Hoops for [2019 / 2020]: Reviews, Ratings & Buying Guide

There are times when you just want to play some basketball out in the wild, and while you have the basketball with you and the energy to play the game, you don’t have the hoops. This is where the portable basketball hoops come in. These hoops are portable, and you can set them anywhere, and it also takes little storage. So, gone are the days when you had to search for a hoop in the neighborhood, all you need is this portable hoop, and you can have a game of basketball while out camping! With hundreds of hoops on the market, you might be spoilt for choice, which is why we have this comprehensive review to assist you to choose the best portable hoop for your needs.

This is a standalone unit made up of a base, pole, and a rim that is set up on a backboard. The system is adjustable and comes with wheels for easy transportation. The hoop is easy to transport to a new location, thanks to the wheels that are attached to the base, and it is also easy to assemble and disassemble.

The hoop is easy for practicing your skills while at home and also for team building games for corporate. If you are the adventurous type, and you have a few colleagues that love playing the game or your family loves a game of basketball now and then, this is the perfect hoop for you. So, no matter whether you are just starting out or you are a professional basketball player, a portable hoop can add some fun to your life, and help you improve your skills.

What to Look For

With hundreds of models on the market to choose from, and each coming with different features, you need to understand what to look for to get the best hoop for your needs. The first aspect is the backboard. The backboard comes in different materials, and each material has its advantages and disadvantages. You can get a backboard made of tempered glass, acrylic or polycarbonate. Tempered glass is ideal for the pro level, while acrylic offers nearly the same features but in a lightweight and cost-effective design. Polycarbonate is designed to withstand harsh climates.

You also need to look at the size of the board. Sizes range from 44 inches to 72 inches, which offers the standard size for all basketball backboards. If you want to save on space, then go for the smaller size, but if you want the real experience, then the larger size s ideal. If you wish to save space while enjoying the experience of playing basketball, then go for a middle size.

The shape of the backboard also comes into play. You have the option of fan-shaped and rectangular shape. Rectangular shapes offer you more space to spin your ball off the glass, while the fan-shaped models take less room. Most of the time, however, it comes down to your preferences.

Other factors include:

  • The types of the pole. A round pole is not ideal for dunking, while the square pole can hold better against any shaking or vibrations.
  • The base. This is usually filled with sand or water to keep the hoop grounded as you play. For colder regions, choose sand-filled bases because water tends to freeze.
  • Height adjustment. If you have younger kids that aren’t ready to play using a full-sized hoop, then go for one that comes with a height adjustment mechanism. The hoops typically adjust from 7 feet to ten feet, though some have a larger range.


Let us look at the top 5 portable basketball hoops on the market:

#5: Silverback NXT 54” Portable Height –adjustable Basketball Hoop

Silverback NXT 54" Backboard Portable Height-Adjustable Basketball Hoop Assembles in 90 Minutes

The hoop boasts f a Stabili-frame steel-on-steel connection between the main steel chassis and the pole, which provides high strength and stability to the hoop. The backboard has a high rigidity that increases the rebound, thanks to the Infinity edge technology. You can easily move the hoop using the wheelbarrow design; all you need to do is lift and roll. You can easily assemble the hoop in a matter of minutes, as the hoop comes with pre-assembled parts, so all you need to do is to fit them all together.

This hoop comes with a 50”x33” backboard with a height adjustable pole from 7.5 feet to 10 feet. The height adjustment is possible in 6-inch increments. Even though the assembly is easy, the connections are stable and sturdy, which won’t bend when completely assembled. The edges of the backboard are wrapped making it clean and strong. The whole unit is powder coated making it strong and weather-resistant, meaning you can use it for several years without the hoop experiencing any serious wear and tear.

What we Like About This Hoop

  • Easy to assemble, disassemble and adjust to the right height.
  • It comes with added safety features such as the rear kickstand.
  • It comes with a rigid build quality
  • Basketball Ball
    Built to withstand the wear and tear when used in bad weather.

What We Didn’t Like With This Hoop

  • It could make use of a better rim.
  • Not suitable for kids.
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#4: Lifetime 90040 Pro Court Adjustable Portable Basketball System

Lifetime 90040 Height Adjustable Portable Basketball System, 44 Inch Backboard

Ideal for playing basketball at home, given its flexibility and strong nature that makes the hoop withstand the hassle of a real game. Complete with a 44-inch acrylic fusion backboard, this hoop is small enough to help minimize on storage space, while the backboard is large enough to spring off the ball.

The acrylic backboard is shatterproof thus offering you the durability and strength you need. The durable backboard is coupled with a heavy-duty frame and a sturdy base to hold the hoop in place. It comes with a 27-gallon base that you can fill either with water or sand to enhance the stability. The base doesn’t require a concrete foundation, which allows you to relocate it as many times as you wish each day.

It also uses a telescoping mechanism to adjust the height from 7.5 feet to 10 feet in increments of 6 inches, which makes it ideal for both juniors and senior basketball players. The rim is durable and comes spring loaded to give you a bounce that you need. The net is made of nylon, to avoid weather damage.

What we Like About This Hoop

  • This hoop is easy to set up and relocate to another place.
  • Ideal for families with kids.
  • Light in weight and the rollers on the base offer maximum portability.
  • Basketball Ball
    Easy to adjust to the right height,
  • Basketball Ball
    Weather resistant makes it ideal for harsh climates.

What We Didn’t Like With This Hoop

  • It needs more than one individual to assemble.
  • Expensive compared to other models on this list.
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#3: First Team Invader

First Team Invader Steel-Plastic Portable Basketball System44; Black
If you are on the market for a low-priced portable basketball system, then the First Team Invader is one of the best on the market. The system is ideal for beginners looking to better their shooting skills, learn a new shot or practice some more. The system is simple yet made of high-quality material, and it trends at a lower price compared to many other hoops in its category. Being a beginner hoop, it has basic features.

It boasts a 44-inch acrylic backboard that gives you a stronger surface to spring the ball on. It is also weather resistant, meaning you can leave the system outdoors and still enjoy a game the following day without the board warping.

Adjusting this portable basketball system is easy. It makes use of a crank adjustment system to raise the hoop from 7.5 feet to 10 feet. The adjuster is made of strong pieces that won’t fail soon. This mechanism allows you to get the perfect height for the game and lets it grow with the player as he grows.

What we Like About This Hoop

  • Easy to set up and relocate.
  • It features a 33-gallon plastic base, providing a solid foundation to withstand movement.
  • Basketball Ball
    The rim is sturdy and durable, allowing for tough games.

What We Didn’t Like With This Hoop

  • The backboard size is not ideal for experienced players but meant for younger beginners.
  • A bit overpriced compared to other starter hoops.
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#2: Lifetime Shatter Proof

Lifetime 71566 50 Inch Shatter Proof Portable Basketball Hoop

This hoop gives you a larger target (50 inches wide backboard) that you can shoot at and makes it perfect for both beginners and advanced athletes as well. The backboard uses the latest technology to make it easy for you to shoot hoops and enjoy the experience as well. The backboard is shatterproof, made of a polycarbonate playing surface that uses an unbreakable polyethylene frame giving it a durable look.

If you are a fan of the dunk, then you will be hooked to the rim that features double-compression springs that launch the ball right back into play, and it also comes with all-weather nylon net.

The adjusting mechanism allows you to adjust the height from 7.5 feet to 10 feet to allow your children to grow with it. The pole is supported by a 35-gallon heavy duty portable base. All you need is to fill it with water or sand – no need for cement.

What we Like About This Hoop

  • It is easy to set up, and disassemble.
  • The size makes it easy to carry around.
  • Basketball Ball
    The larger base provides the hoop with a sturdier base to withstand the vibrations.

What We Didn’t Like With This Hoop

  • Not suitable for small spaces due to the wide backboard.
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#1: Spalding “The Beast.”

Spalding The Beast Portable Basketball Hoop 60 Inch Glass Backboard

This portable hoop by Spalding received the name “The Beast” for a reason. It comes with a huge 60-inch backboard and a matching 55-gallon base, placing it closer to a professional hoop than any other on the market.

The backboard is made of high-quality tempered glass to provide rebound efficiency compared to no other. The sturdy design stays quiet and doesn’t shake when in use. You can dunk without toppling the basket over.

What we Like About This Hoop

  • Sturdy and offers a base for various locations.
  • The board is huge and gives you a large surface to play upon.
  • Basketball Ball
    Easy to set up and disassemble.

What We Didn’t Like With This Hoop

  • It is not easy to move due to the weight.
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Tip: How to secure your portable basketball hoop


It takes more than just buying any portable hoop to make it possible for you to enjoy your favorite game on the go. Take time to understand the type of hoop you need and find the best one for you. Remember you also need to think about what you need a few months down the line. If your kids are growing bigger each day, then look for a hoop that is adjustable. Look at the size of the board, the extent you can adjust the height and even the size of the base. Don’t forget the durability of the whole system and how much it costs.