Best basketball Shoes Under $100

Basketball shoes make it comfortable for the players to run on the hard ground and produce the best performance, whether playing as a career or just for fun. Since basketball as a sport is all about intense movements, such as shooting, jumping, dribbling and running, the shoes need to withstand all these actions. The shoes also serve as protection for the players from any injury. The most common injury for these players is ankle injuries. Players can easily twist their ankles accidentally if the shoe doesn’t provide the right protection. We have so many basketball shoes on the market, ranging in prices from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars for a pair. Today we look at a comprehensive review of the shoes that cost less than $100 so that you can get the best at this low price.

Basketball shoes are a pair of shoes that are made specifically for playing the game of basketball. They are designed with the rigorous needs of the game in mind, making sure that the shoe gives you the grip you need on the ground and allows you to protect your feet while giving you the spring you need to shoot.

These shoes are meant for both professional players as well as those that play for fun. You can buy the shoes to supplement a pair that you have kept specifically for playing a game or buy it as the pair for playing in your neighborhood.

What to Look for In Basketball Shoes

There are so many pairs of shoes from different manufacturers, and your role is to get the best for your needs at this price. So, what should you look for when choosing the perfect pair of basketball shoes?

  1. The Fit

You need a pair that fits perfectly. If you use a bad fitting pair of shoes, you stand to suffer from injuries such as shin splints and ankle injuries and even back injuries. With poorly fitting shoes, you might even alter the way you run without knowing it. This can create stress on different parts of your feet and might end up affecting your arches.

  1. The design

You will find various styles of shoes on the market from various manufacturers. However, it is crucial that you don’t get caught up in the hype that is existing, because you might end up with shoes that won’t give you the features you look for. You need to get a shoe that feels good and fits you perfectly. You need a design that gives you perfect ankle support.

  1. Durability

The shoe that you choose needs to withstand the vigorous handling that you will put them up to. It needs to be made of strong material and remain comfortable on your feet. The sole needs to be thick enough to withstand regular use on a rough surface. It needs to allow you to run, stop suddenly and turn without any wear or tear.

Other features to consider include:

  • The weight of the shoe. It needs to be light enough to prevent the addition of weight while you run.
  • The shoes should offer the right support, which is achieved via the use of padding in the right places.
  • It should match your style of play, such as aggressive, speedy or running.
  • Consider your skill level.


Now that we know what to look for in the shoes, it is time to look at individual shoes that you can consider.

#3: Nike Kobe Mentality 2

Resembling the first Kobe Mentality in design, this shoe comes with an attractive design in different colors. Many users agree that this version performs much better than its predecessor in terms of performance and durability.

It comes with superb traction due to the rubber sole that gives you solid support and lockdown, meaning you can use it as a forward or a guard on any surface, whether hardwood or concrete. The shoes are comfortable for all-day use without compromising on performance on the court.

These shoes come in a wide range of colors to allow you to match with the team uniform or your style.

Kobe Mentality shoe

Reasons we love this pair of shoes

  • The rubber sole offers extreme traction.
  • Great design in different colors offers a wide variety of choice.
  • They are comfortable for all day play on any court.

Why we didn’t like the shoes

  • It takes longer for you to break in this shoe.
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#2: Adidas D Lillard 2.0

The shoe uses continental rubber for the outsole, which is also used for tires. It has a tight groove that makes it easy for you to stop and start easily. The traction helps you stick to the floor more than you slip, making it ideal for smooth surfaces such as indoor courts.

It comes with a new Bounce cushion that adds a bounce to your step. The cushion is full length and projects on impact. Ti is also comfortable and allows for a solid court feel.

Adidas mad use of a Jacquard material for most of the upper part. This material is soft and supportive, and it allows for zero break-in time. Lockdown is perfect, and the heel counter works perfectly, making sure your heels remain in place to avoid any potential injuries to your ankle.

Midfoot you find lockdown straps that work perfectly. This means the support to your ankle is also flawless as well without feeling restrictive at all. With the perfect fit, you will find that they are perfect on your foot, light in weight and no weird feeling anytime.

adidas - D Lillard 2.0 Shoe

What we liked about this shoe

  • The continental rubber on the outsole gives the shoe traction like no other, allowing you to run and stop as you wish.
  • The new Bounce cushion adds a spring to your step, helping you jump higher.
  • The lockdown is perfect, meaning that you get all the support you need to prevent any injuries.

What we didn’t like about the shoes

  • The single tone on the upper part makes it less attractive compared to its counterparts.
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#1: Under Armour Fireshot

The traction is on point, no slipping at all. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor courts, making it ideal for both training and competition. The pattern on the rubber is shallow enough to give you the right traction for your springing sessions as well as an intense game.

It incorporates the Micro G. Ortholite. EVA insole that is a beauty when it comes to stepping. The sole gives you that comfortable feeling you want when you have a couple of games coming up so that you don’t get tired. The EVA provides a soft pad that offers impact protection without having to ride thick and higher like most pads on the market.

Under Armour Men's UA Fireshot Basketball Shoes

A fantastic forefoot provides for a quick jump and helps the defense to recover while running. You enjoy smooth strides without the slappy feel that some shoes have displayed in the past.

The upper part is made of a mesh underlay with a synthetic material on top, without any visible seams or flex joints. The break-in is instant, coming after the first wear. The ankle sleeve is CompFit, which hugs your ankle like a sleeve. The midfoot lacing system hugs the foot perfectly, giving you the support and lockdown you need. Side to side movement is minimal, making the shoe a perfect fit.

What we like about the Fireshot

  • Has perfect traction with no slipping at all, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor surfaces.
  • Uses the Micro G. Ortholite. EVA insole to give a comfortable step.
  • The ankle sleeve provides the best support ever.

What we don’t like about the Fireshot

  • The traction is not as effective as it ought to be.
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Choosing a shoe that will help increase your vertical jump


It takes a good pair of basketball shoes to be part of the game and leave an impact. Take time to understand your style of play and choose a shoe that can fit your needs. All you need is to identify the ideal shoe, looking at the type of material the outsole is made of, the support it provides, the material that makes the upper part and how the shoe performs on different surfaces.