How to Shoot a Basketball Properly

Derrick Rose (left) and Keith Bogans work on their shots.

I’m sure you know how to shoot a basketball, but do you know how to shoot correctly? Here are some basic tips to make sure you are doing it correctly. Stance – A correct stance is very important to having a good shot, and different stances work better for different shooters. There are basically two types […]

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5 Basketball Tips for Short Players

basketball game sport player in action

Basketball is such a fun spot. Whenever people mention the game, most people relate it to tall people. However, this is really never the case as there are basketball players who are shorter than their professional counterparts and have excelled in the sport. These players include people like Spud Webb, Isiah Thomas, Steve Nash and […]

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Good Basketball Drills for Beginners

Lebron James shoots over Yao Ming.

It is important that the basketball drills you are using help you improve all facets of your game. If you are new to the sport, you are probably spending a lot of time working on your dribbling and shooting. This is good, you need to work on these things, but you need to develop strong fundamentals as well. […]

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